Festival program

Saturday 14. 12.

Great hall

10:00 - 12:00

1. competition block: GIFTS FROM THE YOUNGESTS

Festival introduction and 1. competition block of films. Animated and live action by the youngest filmmakers in the age of maximum 13 years

List of movies

Strawman Rudko Ateliér BAB

05:00 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

CAT – astrophe Sparks Film Festival

03:51 Competition filmFiction8-12 years old

Owl Adventure Aneta Dubová

02:28 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

Fear Colegio San José S. Coop.

05:16 Competition filmFiction8-12 years old

Caniverse ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

01:07 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

Calf ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

01:05 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

Woodworm ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

00:55 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

Blatter ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

00:54 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

Forewasher ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

00:53 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

Yak ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

00:43 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

Revenge ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

01:06 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

Tattooed Auntie ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

00:48 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

Knoftoms & Knoflikulas: Discovery of the Century ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

03:00 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

The Fairy with a Hand In Plaster CEIP 12 de Octubre

03:38 Competition filmDocumentary8-12 years old

A Dog’s Soul ZŠ Sedmikráska

02:14 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

A Place that is Mine Dalry Primary School in Edinburgh

03:07 Competition filmExperimental8-12 years old

Just children Colegio San José S. Coop.

04:08 Competition filmDocumentary8-12 years old

Monkey and Clothes František Eliáš

02:05 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

SOAP Sparks Film Festival

01:43 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old

A Harsh Reality Antonie Svobodová (ZUŠ Varnsdorf)

02:16 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

Méliès, una clase Mágica Colegio San José S. Coop.

02:59 Competition filmExperimental8-12 years old

School of Good and Evil Klára Hejlíková

14:49 Competition filmFiction8-12 years old

Comfortable position DRF children animation studio

04:00 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

Founding of a City Josef Šincl

03:46 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

Iluzer Maxim Kolva

01:20 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

A Blast from the Past Cappabue National School

10:09 Competition filmDocumentary8-12 years old

Hero? ZUŠ Ledeč nad Sázavou

03:56 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old

In Oblivion Ana Pavkov

04:57 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old
12:30 - 14:30

2. competition block: CYBERWORLD and SCI-FI

Live action, animated, documentary and experimental films by filmmakers between 13 and 21 years on topic social media, internet, phones, audio-visual technology etc.

List of movies

Spark Sean Treacy

03:00 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old

Portalia Tobiáš Dvořák

01:31 Competition filmAnimation13-16 years old

Strings Attached Dun Laoghaire Young Filmmakerss

02:31 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old

Boy Bartoloměj Hořánek

06:20 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Echo Signe Brun Bugge

09:30 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old

Searching Lost Darkness Tomáš Kosek

15:00 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old

iRONY Radheya Jegatheva

07:57 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old

Freestyle animation Max Čuda

06:20 Competition filmAnimation13-16 years old

FIXIT Matěj Preisler

23:04 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Others on the Phone Vilém Zavadil

03:01 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Hello Hnry Cheung

03:02 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old
15:00 - 17:00

3. Competition block: MY PLACE

Live action, documentary and animated films about the environment, where the filmmakers live, on topic nationality of minorities, modern history etc.) - FESTIVAL TOP (filmmakers from 12 to 21 years.

List of movies

I Am Hitkoak Adine Atatahak Tabitha Stirrett

06:25 Competition filmDocumentary13-16 years old

In Another Country Daniel Nešpor

03:08 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old

Mohammed and Rami's Story Ahmad Khaled

03:07 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old

Our Italians Karla Čámská

11:12 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old

Vang a Lu's Story United Nations International School in Hanoi

02:26 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old

City of Records and Curiosities Valerie Vítů

09:00 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old

5.35 Jan Čadek Marie-Anna Šulc

07:33 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

The Fear of Sara (El miedo de Sara) Helena Repilado Trancón

04:03 Competition filmExperimental13-16 years old

Hitchhiker Tobiáš Pexidr

16:58 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old

Break Anne-Marie Bjerre Koch

14:50 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old

They Refused to Get On Board ZUŠ J. Suka Benešov

10:32 Competition filmAnimation years old
17:30 - 19:30


Live action, animated and documentary films - FESTIVAL TOP (filmmakers from12 to 21 years)

List of movies

Mishko Hanis Bagashov

16:01 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Garden of Living Sine Juhl

03:35 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old

Rue Sean Treacy

08:41 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old

Bubblehead Vigga Wagner

14:33 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old

Anhedonia Filip Lizner

21:29 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Chosen Bethany Reinstedt

10:58 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Wings for Sally Freja Lykke Maegaard

14:08 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old
20:00 - 21:30

Films by Morgana McKenzie

Main foreign guest of the festival (1 hour projection of films by mainly generational guest of the festival Morgana McKenzie + short chat and her workshop with the audience).</spa

22:00 - 23:30

5. Competition block: FOR HARD-BITTEN STAYERS (A)

Films with psychadelic elements, horror stories and stories only for those, who can take it...

List of movies

The Man From Gath Gabe, Josh Garcia

13:20 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Yellow Dynamite Markéta Mikulášková Josefína Truksová

01:35 Competition filmAnimation13-16 years old

Suprise Me Simon Mück

14:00 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Otýlie Barbora Dokulilová Kateřina Galašová Rebeka Matějcová

15:04 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old

metamilk Ondřej Hošek

12:38 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old

Soaring Soldiers Cecilie Elmholt Skou

11:24 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Life Goes On: John Dub Moe Yang

04:25 Competition filmDocumentary13-16 years old

Victorious John Hopper

10:03 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Warrior Sia Thit Tuborgh Solmert

07:20 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Small hall

10:15 - 12:45

Workshop “Film-maker with a Mobile Phone”

13:30 - 17:00

Saturday Afternoon with Radio Junior of Czech Radio

22:00 - 23:30

5. Competition block: FOR HARD-BITTEN STAYERS (B)

Films with psychadelic elements, horror stories and stories only for those, who can take it...

List of movies

Life of plant Nikola Micajová

10:07 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Labyrinth of Time Letní ambroziáda

04:44 Competition filmExperimental13-16 years old

Top Secret Milan Hradil

05:51 Competition filmFiction8-12 years old

A Transfer Student Ho-Jun Chae

07:30 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Why You Shouldn't Train for a Marathon Vojtěch Toman

04:50 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old

Hynek Jachym Bouzek

08:49 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old

Porta A Terra Radovan Zajíc

09:39 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Milky Way Adam Onishi

13:21 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

CHOLIA Josef Schmidt

23:49 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old

Sunday 15. 12.

Great hall

10:00 - 12:00

6. Competition block – GIFTS FROM THE ADVANCED

Animated, experimental, live action and documentary films, advertisements and signature tunes with different topics – filmmakers from 13 to 21 years.

List of movies

Star on the Willow Miloslav Zdeněk Rozinka

01:51 Competition filmOther (music videos, commercials, computer graphic, etc.)13-16 years old

Castaways Jan Sobotka

07:50 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

My Best Friend (Mi mejor amiga) Patricia Martinez

01:55 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Betrayal Alice Louise Bransten

03:41 Competition filmAnimation13-16 years old

Sea of Plastic Vendula Zezulková

01:24 Competition filmAnimation13-16 years old

Wool - The Journey of Wool Michael Kitchin

05:06 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old

Narkissos or Behind Every Mirror is Narcissus Karolína Beranová

02:34 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old

DV-130 Julia Elihu Gabriel Gaurano

11:45 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Do Not War Sebastiano Pulese

00:37 Competition filmOther (music videos, commercials, computer graphic, etc.)17-21 years old

Product Teodor Šponer

03:45 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old

Twins Muzeum Karla Zemana

01:57 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old

Bodyguard Kateřina Vestfálová

09:15 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old

Be Yourself Cinema Camp

05:05 Competition filmExperimental13-16 years old

Journey of a Soul Studenti AVE ART Ostrava

04:27 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old

The Moving Day Kim Jae-hun

05:22 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Lights Out Bernardo O. Mesquita

01:23 Competition filmFiction years old

The Director Podzimní ambroziáda

16:59 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old

JKP Anna Ebel

05:36 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old
12:30 - 14:00

7. Competition block - BULLYING, FAMILY and SCHOOL

Live action, animated, documentary and experimental films by filmmakers between 13 and 21 years.

List of movies

Responsibility Mehmet Ali Avci

09:00 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Clay (Plastilina) Andrés Caballero Alejo

01:17 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old

Rebellion Frederick Hrabálek

13:06 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Notes Jeremy Vella

07:16 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Bracelet ZUŠ Ledeč nad Sázavou

03:25 Competition filmFiction8-12 years old

Escape Laura Hadsund Baarstrøm

10:59 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Hear From You Grant Cowan

05:37 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

A Chair Matyáš Straka

02:52 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old

Purpose Micaiah Clark

11:49 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Ida Mirjam Sveinbjörg Thorkelsdottir

06:05 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

You Know... Danielka Hauptmannová Tereza Moulisová

04:55 Competition filmOther (music videos, commercials, computer graphic, etc.)17-21 years old

Field Trip Malthe Kalbakk Elgaard

13:54 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old
14:30 - 16:15

8. Competition block - HEART AND ROOFTOP OF EUROPE

This block is going to be introduced by the director of the Norwegian festival NUFF Hermann Greuel - FESTIVAL TOP (filmmakers from 17 to 21 years).

List of movies

From Our Laundry Albin Abrahamsson Jakob Eliasson

04:15 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Life Anuš Arakeljanová

01:39 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old

Invisible Madelen Sandbakken Lillestu

08:31 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old

Insect Patrik Šupšak

04:56 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old

Whispers of Lofoten Richard Viken Klausmark

08:16 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old

Fridays forever Pavel Vávra

13:20 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Blue Ingrid Marie Røine

14:36 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Stigma Jakub Semrád

06:10 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Magic of Christmas Roope Kontio

09:59 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Under the Ice Amálie Machovcová Magdaléna Zákorová

01:54 Competition filmAnimation13-16 years old

Dol. Mol. Jack Elliot

06:07 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

Jan Borna Radovan Táborský

14:49 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old

Fade S. Torstveit

03:12 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old

A Crab Sushi Adam Svěcený

02:35 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old
17:30 - 19:15

Final ceremony

Announcement of winners and awards. Moderated by Raego and children from Disman's ensemble.

20:00 - 21:30

Curiosities from foreign coutries 1

List of movies

Sudden Growth Juhl Sine

05:23 Non-competition film

Voll Fett Scenáristická dilna Hamburg e.V.

09:21 Non-competition film

I Was 3 Alfie Barker

11:01 Non-competition film

The Final Drop Emma Sand

10:33 Non-competition film

Masks Anna Haderer

02:28 Non-competition film

Valuable Roope Kontio Joona Rissanen Isabella Zitting

07:39 Non-competition film

Living Room Maria Guldbrandsø Tórgarð

17:07 Non-competition film

Brothers in Space Alvilda Lyneborg Lassen

09:42 Non-competition film

Antes de que sea tarde Mario Martínez Sáenz

03:44 Non-competition film

Jonas Antoine Antoine Branden

08:46 Non-competition film


06:55 Non-competition film

Small hall

12:00 - 12:30

Window to the World – Film Workshops for Children's Homes, Presentations

13:00 - 15:30

Film Theme and Language, Workshop of Documentary Director Tereza Reichová

16:00 - 17:15

Talk Show with Canadian Director Morgana McKenzie and Book Signing

18:00 - 19:30

Travel Blog Differently or How It Works, Signing with Weef

20:00 - 21:30

Curiosities from foreign coutries 2

List of movies

An Fáinne Athena Fusciardi

05:27 Non-competition film

Porcelain Simon Gjerde Tonev

04:41 Non-competition film

Count Your Curses Lorène Yavo

08:30 Non-competition film

Señales (Signals) / Signály Los Trastillos

05:20 Non-competition film

Juin Juillet Emma Séméria

18:00 Non-competition film

Jimmy Qirqqut - Gjoa Haven Elder

03:31 Non-competition film

Seventeen Percent Jacoby MacDonald

05:05 Non-competition film

Synti, Synti (The Flayed Island) Marion Jhöaner

03:00 Non-competition film