List of films A-Z 2019


07:33 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Jan Čadek Marie-Anna Šulc


21:29 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Filip Lizner


06:55 Non-competition film


09:15 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old Kateřina Vestfálová


07:20 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Sia Thit Tuborgh Solmert

Brothers in Space

09:42 Non-competition filmAlvilda Lyneborg Lassen


14:33 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old Vigga Wagner

Be Yourself

05:05 Competition filmExperimental13-16 years old Cinema Camp

I Was 3

11:01 Non-competition filmAlfie Barker


23:49 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old Josef Schmidt

Journey of a Soul

04:27 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old Studenti AVE ART Ostrava

Wool - The Journey of Wool

05:06 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old Michael Kitchin


06:20 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Bartoloměj Hořánek


11:45 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Julia Elihu Gabriel Gaurano

Día A Día

04:00 Non-competition filmJan Philip Baldus Tobias Kraus

The Moving Day

05:22 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Kim Jae-hun

Do Not War

00:37 Competition filmOther (music videos, commercials, computer graphic, etc.)17-21 years old Sebastiano Pulese

Dol. Mol.

06:07 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Jack Elliot

Others on the Phone

03:01 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Vilém Zavadil


01:57 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old Muzeum Karla Zemana


09:30 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old Signe Brun Bugge

Field Trip

13:54 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Malthe Kalbakk Elgaard


23:04 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Matěj Preisler

Freestyle animation

06:20 Competition filmAnimation13-16 years old Max Čuda

Fridays forever

13:20 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Pavel Vávra


03:02 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old Hnry Cheung


03:56 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old ZUŠ Ledeč nad Sázavou

Searching Lost Darkness

15:00 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old Tomáš Kosek


04:56 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old Patrik Šupšak

Star on the Willow

01:51 Competition filmOther (music videos, commercials, computer graphic, etc.)13-16 years old Miloslav Zdeněk Rozinka


08:49 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old Jachym Bouzek


06:05 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Mirjam Sveinbjörg Thorkelsdottir


01:20 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old Maxim Kolva

An Fáinne

05:27 Non-competition filmAthena Fusciardi


05:36 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old Anna Ebel


00:43 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

Jan Borna

14:49 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old Radovan Táborský

Jimmy Qirqqut - Gjoa Haven Elder

03:31 Non-competition film


03:00 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old Sean Treacy

I Am Hitkoak

06:25 Competition filmDocumentary13-16 years old Adine Atatahak Tabitha Stirrett

Jonas Antoine

08:46 Non-competition filmAntoine Branden

Just children

04:08 Competition filmDocumentary8-12 years old Colegio San José S. Coop.

Juin Juillet

18:00 Non-competition filmEmma Séméria

Julia & Julia

21:36 Non-competition filmNikola Krejčová

CAT – astrophe

03:51 Competition filmFiction8-12 years old Sparks Film Festival

Magic of Christmas

09:59 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Roope Kontio

A Crab Sushi

02:35 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old Adam Svěcený

A Harsh Reality

02:16 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old Antonie Svobodová (ZUŠ Varnsdorf)

Wings for Sally

14:08 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Freja Lykke Maegaard

Labyrinth of Time

04:44 Competition filmExperimental13-16 years old Letní ambroziáda


08:41 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old Sean Treacy


02:28 Non-competition filmAnna Haderer


16:01 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Hanis Bagashov

Milky Way

13:21 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Adam Onishi


14:36 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Ingrid Marie Røine

My Best Friend (Mi mejor amiga)

01:55 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Patricia Martinez

Sea of Plastic

01:24 Competition filmAnimation13-16 years old Vendula Zezulková

The Man From Gath

13:20 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Gabe, Josh Garcia

A Place that is Mine

03:07 Competition filmExperimental8-12 years old Dalry Primary School in Edinburgh

Méliès, una clase Mágica

02:59 Competition filmExperimental8-12 years old Colegio San José S. Coop.


01:43 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old Sparks Film Festival

City of Records and Curiosities

09:00 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old Valerie Vítů

Narkissos or Behind Every Mirror is Narcissus

02:34 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old Karolína Beranová

Our Italians

11:12 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old Karla Čámská

They Refused to Get On Board

10:32 Competition filmAnimation years old ZUŠ J. Suka Benešov

Invisible Women

17:05 Non-competition filmPablo Cruz Villaba


08:31 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old Madelen Sandbakken Lillestu

Sudden Growth

05:23 Non-competition filmJuhl Sine


03:25 Competition filmFiction8-12 years old ZUŠ Ledeč nad Sázavou

Living Room

17:07 Non-competition filmMaria Guldbrandsø Tórgarð

Monkey and Clothes

02:05 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old František Eliáš


15:04 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old Barbora Dokulilová Kateřina Galašová Rebeka Matějcová


17:06 Non-competition filmBeatriz Pessoa


01:07 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

Clay (Plastilina)

01:17 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old Andrés Caballero Alejo

Under the Ice

01:54 Competition filmAnimation13-16 years old Amálie Machovcová Magdaléna Zákorová


03:12 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old S. Torstveit

Comfortable position

04:00 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old DRF children animation studio


01:06 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni


04:41 Non-competition filmSimon Gjerde Tonev

Porta A Terra

09:39 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Radovan Zajíc


01:31 Competition filmAnimation13-16 years old Tobiáš Dvořák

The Final Drop

10:33 Non-competition filmEmma Sand


07:16 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Jeremy Vella


00:53 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni


03:45 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old Teodor Šponer

Why You Shouldn't Train for a Marathon

04:50 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old Vojtěch Toman

First Kisses

08:07 Non-competition filmTomás Longato Arnedo

A Dog’s Soul

02:14 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old ZŠ Sedmikráska

Suprise Me

14:00 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Simon Mück

Mohammed and Rami's Story

03:07 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old Ahmad Khaled

Vang a Lu's Story

02:26 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old United Nations International School in Hanoi

Top Secret

05:51 Competition filmFiction8-12 years old Milan Hradil


13:06 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Frederick Hrabálek

The Director

16:59 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old Podzimní ambroziáda

Seventeen Percent

05:05 Non-competition filmJacoby MacDonald

Hear From You

05:37 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Grant Cowan


11:49 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Micaiah Clark

Owl Adventure

02:28 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old Aneta Dubová


06:10 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Jakub Semrád


16:58 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old Tobiáš Pexidr

Soaring Soldiers

11:24 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Cecilie Elmholt Skou


05:16 Competition filmFiction8-12 years old Colegio San José S. Coop.

Strawman Rudko

05:00 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old Ateliér BAB

A Transfer Student

07:30 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Ho-Jun Chae

Strings Attached

02:31 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old Dun Laoghaire Young Filmmakerss

The Sons of Silence

11:51 Non-competition filmAnthony Xavier

The Fear of Sara (El miedo de Sara)

04:03 Competition filmExperimental13-16 years old Helena Repilado Trancón


01:05 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

Tattooed Auntie

00:48 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

A Blast from the Past

10:09 Competition filmDocumentary8-12 years old Cappabue National School


07:50 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Jan Sobotka

In Another Country

03:08 Competition filmDocumentary17-21 years old Daniel Nešpor

In Oblivion

04:57 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old Ana Pavkov


10:58 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Bethany Reinstedt

The Fairy with a Hand In Plaster

03:38 Competition filmDocumentary8-12 years old CEIP 12 de Octubre


10:03 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old John Hopper

You Know...

04:55 Competition filmOther (music videos, commercials, computer graphic, etc.)17-21 years old Danielka Hauptmannová Tereza Moulisová

From Our Laundry

04:15 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Albin Abrahamsson Jakob Eliasson

Garden of Living

03:35 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old Sine Juhl

Founding of a City

03:46 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old Josef Šincl

Lights Out

01:23 Competition filmFiction years old Bernardo O. Mesquita


14:50 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old Anne-Marie Bjerre Koch


09:00 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Mehmet Ali Avci


03:41 Competition filmAnimation13-16 years old Alice Louise Bransten

Count Your Curses

08:30 Non-competition filmLorène Yavo


07:57 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old Radheya Jegatheva


12:38 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old Ondřej Hošek


10:59 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Laura Hadsund Baarstrøm


00:55 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni

Whispers of Lofoten

08:16 Competition filmExperimental17-21 years old Richard Viken Klausmark

School of Good and Evil

14:49 Competition filmFiction8-12 years old Klára Hejlíková

A Chair

02:52 Competition filmFiction13-16 years old Matyáš Straka


01:39 Competition filmAnimation17-21 years old Anuš Arakeljanová

Life Goes On: John Dub

04:25 Competition filmDocumentary13-16 years old Moe Yang

Life of plant

10:07 Competition filmFiction17-21 years old Nikola Micajová

Yellow Dynamite

01:35 Competition filmAnimation13-16 years old Markéta Mikulášková Josefína Truksová


00:54 Competition filmAnimation8-12 years old ZUŠ Terezie Brzkové v Plzni