Project Windows to the World 2019

One of accompanying programs of Teenfilmfest was the presentation of the project WINDOWS TO THE WORLD - film workshops for Czech children's homes, which will be managing the organizers of the festival also in the future...

The teenagers aged 11 to 18 from the children's home in small town Dlažkovice (north part of the Czech Republic) were presenting here their latest film A.N.A.I.D. with the motto: "The fear accompanies each of us, he is our teacher." The starting filmmakers from Dlažkovice talked about how they learned how to use the quality camera and sound technology and how they learned to edit on the iMac, and spent several weekends with their lecturers Zuzana Dražilová (director of the festival), Vladimír Turner (cinematographer, editor and experimental artist) and Tereza Reichová (documentary director).