2020 - Online screenings

In 2020, due to the Covid pandemic, we did not organize the standard 2nd year of Teenfilmfest. However, we collaborated with schools of various types in the whole of the Czech Republic. We assembled special 35- to 60-minute online blocks from the films from the 1st year, for which we had the screening rights. These units, created from the international collaboration of children and young people, needed to be appropriate for specific ages, the interests of pupils or students, and the teaching needs of individual schools. From the beginning of 2020 until March, before the Covid pandemic, we also organized the screenings of films in cinemas from the 1st year of Teenfilmfest for Czech primary and secondary schools.

We always created an original film block for each of the schools, in minimum cases a compilation of the blocks repeated. For the youngest children, we had to screen the foreign films without subtitles, they were often animation. Most of Czech schools were interested in international audiovisual works. In the time of the covid emergency, pupils and students watched the movies at home after receiving the passwords, or teachers screened the selected works for pupils and students in schools at a time when the covid's pandemic situation was unclenched, mainly before Christmas. In cooperation with some schools, we also realized streamed discussions on films with the festival director.

We also sent annotations and worksheets for the films to some schools, pupils and students received them to work with after watching the films. The most frequent topics stated in them were, for example, which film the pupils/students deemed the best, and which the worst - and why, what animation techniques were used in individual animated films, which of the film professions was the most significant and performed the best or the worst in a certain film, etc.

The number of children participating in these screenings was around 3,500 in 2020 and this significantly increased the total number of all spectators in the 1st year of Teenfilmfest. The project was financially supported by the District of Prague 1 (under the name Teenfilmfest 2020) and Net4Gas Foundation. Online screenings for schools were held free of charge due to this support.

If you are a representative of schools and you are interested in screenings of blocks of films from the 1st year in 2021, please send us an e-mail. We will try to assist you.