2020 - Windows to the World

In 2020, we organized film workshops for teenagers aged 11-18 in the following three children's homes: Písek in Southern Bohemia, Dagmar in Brno in Southern Moravia, and in Pardubice in Eastern Bohemia. Three different groups of lectures worked with the youth from each of these homes. Their course was partially disrupted by the pandemic, however, we implemented the most significant part. The main lecturers in the aforementioned children's homes were: in Písek Tereza Vokatá, Martin Mikl and Františka Kyselková (students of Miroslav Ondříček Film Academy in Písek), in Pardubice Veronika Janečková, Kateřina Dudová and Izabela Moravcová and in Dagmar in Brno Zuzana Dubová.

Through recurring film workshops in the aforementioned children's homes, we acquainted their students with the operation of advanced and at the same time easy-to-use modern audiovisual technology as well as the basic principles of preparation, shooting and editing of audiovisual works and photography. We have made primary and above all practical knowledge from the field of audiovisual production available to this group of young people from our society, who otherwise would probably never have access, the possibility to learn how to shoot videos, interviews, reports, etc. We have expanded the possibilities of their out-of-school and non-formal education.

Our goal was to develop their talents while working with their creative potential. By using the latest communication technologies, we have led them to spend their free time actively and provide them with new information and knowledge through attractive methods. We also wanted to support their media literacy (which was non-existent at the beginning) and a basic awareness of critical thinking, as well as the recognition of truthful information presented on the internet and in the public media. The project helped to increase the self-esteem of teens from children's homes, we tried to support their own self-awareness and self-confidence.