Jakob Eliasson

Detail autora

Obor: Režie Rok narození: 1999 Filmy: Z naší prádelny

Director’s Filmography:

  • SLOW DANCE, dir Christian Zetterberg (2018)- Directors of Photography (Jakob, Albin)- Editors (Jakob, Albin)- Colorist (Albin)
  • EXISTENCE, dir Jenny L. Wallin (2017)- Director of Photography (Jakob)- Colorist (Albin)
  • UNDER THE STARS, dir Christian Zetterberg (2017)- Editors (Jakob, Albin)- Colorist (Albin)

Director’s Background:

Albin Abrahamsson (born 1999 in Sweden) and Jakob Eliasson (born 1999 in Sweden) began exploring film as an art together in their early teens and have gone from hobby filmmaking to working with film and television on a daily basis. They are producing and directing under the label Vintertid, which directly translates to Wintertime, and often co-produce with other directors and companies. In addition to fiction, they also do commercial and documentary work. Albin and Jakob both share a wide interest and experience of the whole production chain where technical, creative and organisational skills come to use. However, the composing of a visual image with all that entails has always been of particular interest. This is their first time directing a short with an original screenplay which makes “From our laundry” their debut short film. Nevertheless, it is not their first short as members of the creative management. Albin and Jakob have worked closely with short film directors in positions like DP, camera operator, co-producer, editor and colorist.